Katrina Wollet

Hello, I’m Katrina. I’m a Minneapolis-based writer, content designer and storyteller.

I’m the Communications Director at 30 Days of Biking, where I advocate for a worldwide community of joyful cyclists. When I don’t have bike-brain, I publish short stories, co-curate a reading series, and volunteer at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. I’m also writing a full-length film.

Find me under big trees, on swings trying to reach space, or in corner cafés, too. I believe all good days start with coffee and conversation (in that order), so get in touch.

Why Words?

Words are powerful. They have the potential to be persuasive, concise and influential. If you don’t use them wisely, they can also be damaging. That's where I come in.

Whether it's a challenge to organize, manage, write or revise your content—or you’re not quite sure—I'd love to learn more about your project and explain how I can help.

Strategic, relevant and creative content is everything. It's your voice. By leveraging SEO and sharing strategies, I can help you spread your message giving you the power to communicate, connect and ultimately, convert.

Your copy should be clean, manageable and human. It shouldn't be an afterthought. Let’s talk.

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